One doesn’t need to talk to Gianfranco for very long to learn that he is uniquely Italian and is passionate about food. For him cooking is a work of art - a masterpiece involving mixing, balancing and blending, with a dash of magic, imagination and flair.

Cooking runs in Gianfranco’s family and by the age of fourteen he was already waiting and serving in his uncle’s restaurant in Rome during the weekends and summer holidays.

His passion, however, was to be in the kitchen, where he loved to watch his uncle toss the pasta before adding the specially prepared herbs and sauces.

At the age of 18 he enrolled at the “La Cucina Tradizionale Italiana” – one of Rome’s top culinary institutes. At 21 he left Rome for London, where he worked as an assistant chef at “La Meridiana” then one of London’s most popular Italian restaurants.

Five years later he returned to Rome to become the chef in the prestigious “Trattoria da Luigi” situated in the centre of Rome near the Vatican. However, Gianfranco’s dream was always to run his own restaurant, which he fulfilled when he opened the Bella Roma restaurant in Battersea, London.

It is here that Gianfranco came into his own. He gradually built up a reputation by serving creative and imaginative dishes that made his restaurant popular in the area.  Many have become old favourites, which you can still taste today at the Mamma Mia.

In summer 2006 he and his Portuguese wife decided to open a restaurant in Braga to be near her parents. Gianfranco will delight you with his particular Roman charm and grace and ensure that your visit is a very special and unique experience. People come back again and again to try their favourite dishes or to taste one of his new recipes that he loves to create for your pleasure.

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