We are sure that your visit to the Mammamia will be a rich and rewarding one. The best recommendation is what our clients say.
Hey Gianfranco,

The best birthday party I have ever had. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The food was superb and the service impeccable.  Don’t know how you do it. You are amazing.
Thanks a million,

Henry, Braga, November 2011

Dear Gianfranco,

Our first meal at the Mammamia was a uniique discovery from beginning to end. The atmosphere is always pleasant and the service impeccable. I particularly recommend the Tortelloni alla Giovani and for those who like meat the “Bistecca alla Griglia” is a treat. For dessert I have tried them all and they are all delicious. Congratulations Gianfranco.

Manuel and Manuela, Braga, April 2011
A meal at the Mammamia is always a pleasure to the senses
Start with the Funghetti Gratinati. The mushrooms are the protagonists of divine combination flavours. The temptation is to ask for more, but wait,  there are more spectacular tastes to follow..
Next try the Pennette Al Salmone a Gamberetti – this delicious dish of pasta, salmon and cream is made in such a way as to make you believe that every day is Valentine’s Day. It is after all the favourite dish of Italian lovers on that special day.
Finally, sample Gianfranco’s irresistable cheesecake that will simply melt in your mouth and make you feel at peace with the world.
To accompany you through these many splendid flavours of Italy, a dry white wine is preferred. I would suggest a bottle of Soave for its vitality and lightness of taste.  You will find it the perfect complement for this voyage through the landscapes of the “Stivale”.
Fatima, Braga, June 2011
Hi, Gianfranco,

One of the best things about coming to Braga is the possibility of having lunch at the Mammamia and having a chat with you. The “Salmone Al Samoriglio” was delicious and made even more perfect with the Freschatti wine that you have reccomended us.
Until our next visit to Braga.

Sarah and Dave, Janeiro 2011
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