Mozarella Pizzaiola
Mozzarella cooked in a rich tomato sauce with garlic and oregano
Scamorza alla griglia 
Grilled smoked mozzarella cheese sprinkled with balsamic vinegar
Panzarotto (para 2 pessoas)
A small pizza base baked in the oven with Italian sausage, mushrooms, oregano and mozzarella cheese
Funghetti selvaggi al Crostone (para 2 pessoas)
A variety of wild Italian mushrooms soaked in olive oil and server with toasted bread form the Transmontana region of Portugal
Pizzicotto (para 2 pessoas) 
Small pizza base baked in the oven with cured ham and mushrooms
Bruschetta con Porcini
Transmontana bread rubbed with olive oil and garlic roasted in the oven with porcini mushrooms

Main Dishes
Tagliolini Del Fattore
Home-made pasta with portobello and pleurotos mushrooms sauteed in olive oil with sundried tomatoes, garlic, and white wine, topped with parmigiano cheese
Ravioli al Porcini
Home-made ravioli filled with porcini mushrooms, served with a sauce  made from fresh  tomatoes and topped with parmigiano cheese
Fili Di Grano
Home-made pasta  with slices of  Italian sausage sautéed with porcini mushrooms, garlic and white wine , topped with parmigiano cheese
Linguini Capriccio 
Spaghetti sauced with prawns, garlic , fresh tomatoes, white wine and thyme  which is then wrapped in pouch and baked in the oven
Spaghetti al Cartoccio 
Linguini with prawns sautéed with clams, cherry tomatoes, garlic and white wine  and  served with a topping of rocket
Nero  Aglio olio e Gamberoni 
Home-made black pasta with prawns sautéed in olive, garlic and chilli pepper (a little picante)
The Mammamia is the best and the only authentic Italian restaurant in Braga.  Gianfranco, the owner, was born and brought up in Rome. There he learnt the art of cooking in his Uncle’s restaurant and later in one of Rome’s top Italian culinary colleges “A Cucina Tradizionale Italiana”.
Tucked away on the outskirts of Braga, but near the University of the Minho, the Hotel Melia and the Institute of Nano Technology, the Mammamia has become a must for those who know Italy and are connoisseurs of Italian food and wine.

The Mammamia prides itself on providing a healthy Italian cuisine, cooked to precision and perfection using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Here you will treated to Italian hospitality at its best,  the purest Italian olive oil , fresh soft  mozzarella cheese, sun dried tomatoes, tasty parmeggiano cheese,  superb smoke cured parma ham and the mellowest of Italian wines.

The Mammamia offers a true Italian experience. It has a large variety of pasta, meat, fish and vegetarian dishes created by Gianfranco himself and an extensive pizza menu to suit all tastes.  Special menus for large groups, birthday parties, anniversaries and other social occasions can also be arranged. 

The Mammamia is open from 12 pm to 3pm for lunch and from 7pm to mid-night on all days of the week except for Tuesday and lunchtime on Wednesday.

Due to costumers request, the Mammamia now has a HD television for those special football nights.

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